Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ahhh…a Fresh Start!

Sometimes that is all we need to turn our life around.  The long-term ramifications of an arrest can follow you for the rest of your life. With all of these online criminal history websites, your personal information is easily available to anybody with an Internet connection.  You might be eligible to have your criminal history sealed permanently!

Even complete expungement may be available to you in the state of Florida.  In some cases involving the arrest, and for certain crimes this may apply.  Some crimes are exempt, even in cases in which adjudication was withheld.  There are, of course, some instances where you must release your criminal history such as U.S. citizenship.

Why not find out for sure?  It can certainly alter the course of the rest of your life.  Contact Nat Kidder and Bill Bennett at the law office of Kidder and Bennett located in St. Petersburg.  They are criminal expungement attorneys who know the law inside and out.  Arrange a visit at their office by calling (727) 821-8000 today.

Things to Do for Memorial Day in St Petersburg & Clearwater 2018

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"However we choose to celebrate Memorial Day in St Petersburg & Clearwater Florida, we do so by honoring those who have lost their lives for our great freedoms. Some things to do on Memorial Day 2018 St Petersburg & Clearwater include camping, fishing and golfing."


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Protecting your Retirement.

During divorce proceedings you need to be sure that your nest egg has been protected.  What are your rights to 401Ks and pensions during divorce in the State of Florida?  Pension issues are, by no means confined to seniors.  Even younger divorcees must consider how their retirement funds are being divided.

Here are some areas where you need to protect your interests –

1.  Military retirement.  Former service members are subject to special rules.
2.  ERISA.  The Retirement Equity Act…look into it.
3.  QDRO.  Qualified Domestic Relations Order…ditto.

We doubt that you are imminently familiar with these and other aspects of protecting your future funds during divorce.  We are.  Family attorneys Nat Kidder and Bill Bennett have been dealing with these issues for decades.  Call us for a sit-down at our St. Petersburg office.  We will fight for your financial rights!  That number is (727) 821-8000.

Mother's Day St Petersburg & Clearwater 2018

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"Mother's Day in St Petersburg & Clearwater has a lot to offer for the weekend. Take mom to dinner, a Sunday brunch or one of the many events going on in St Petersburg & Clearwater for Mother's Day 2018."


Monday, April 16, 2018

When a DUI has Devastating Consequences.

Having a DUI on your record is devastating enough in the state of Florida.  When that DUI results in death, incarceration, fines, and a loss of license may follow.  It is almost unthinkable to imagine a loved one caught in the middle of this, but it happens every day somewhere in the Sunshine State.

If you or a loved one are ever convicted for DUI manslaughter or vehicular homicide it will probably result in a stiff penalty that can include up to 15 years of imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.  Those numbers are sobering!  And please, don’t ever, ever leave the scene of a DUI accident.  When you are caught, the penalties will increase dramatically.

After any DUI accident, the authorities are carefully analyzing everything you say and do.  You must be represented by a St. Petersburg and Pinellas County DUI attorney who has dealt with the most severe levels of this charge.  The team of Nat Kidder and Bill Bennett bring over 50 years of combined experience to your DUI case.  Call the office of Kidder and Bennett immediately at  (727) 821-8000.

98ROCKFEST Big 10 in Tampa

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April 20, 2018
Friday   6:00 PM
Amalie Arena

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What is the Divorce Process?

You are already under enormous stress, so you probably have not given much thought as to what happens next.  Education equals empowerment!  It is that way in most things where two opposing forces are trying to “win”.  This is so important in this case, because minor children and other factors may be at stake.

It starts with one of the parties filing a petition for divorce.  There is a strict deadline which must be adhered to for a response.  The next phase may be more difficult because it requires both individuals to disclose financial and other personal information.  Then it comes down to mediation, litigation, or uncontested divorce.

The process may be complicated and definitely could be quite stressful.  Nat Kidder and Bill Bennett take some of that out of the equation with their combined 50+ years of experience as St. Petersburg divorce attorneys.  It is important to seek the proper council at the very beginning.  Call the law office of Kidder and Bennett at (727) 821-8000.