Thursday, March 15, 2018

White Collar Crime is not always Black and White.

If someone is accused of robbing a store with a gun it sort of speaks for itself.  Accusation of committing what has become known as a “white collar” crime can involve a variety of different instances.  A strong and experienced defense is probably needed to defend one against such a charge in the state of Florida.

Some types of white collar crime include -

1.  The double-edged sword that is the internet.
2.  Passing bad checks…severity depends on the amount.
3.  Taking advantage of what is supposed to be a charity.
4.  Identity theft…this one continues to grow in America.

If you or a loved one has been accused and detained for these types of crimes, you turn to the white collar crime criminal defense team of Nat Kidder and Bill Bennett.  They have seen and defended just about all types of criminal accusations in Pinellas County for a combined 50+ years.  Please give the office a call today at (727) 821-8000.

Synapse Innovation Summit Tampa, March 28th

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"The 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit brings the best people, organizations, ideas and technologies together for two days of learning, exploring and celebrating the possibilities in technology and innovation."


Thursday, March 1, 2018

When Domestic Partners Separate.

It happens sometimes in the best of relationships.  When domestic partners grow apart they go their separate ways.  It does not matter if the partners are heterosexual or same-sex.  There are considerable legal, financial, property and parental protections that are offered when a couple chooses domestic partnership instead of marriage.

You should know what responsibilities you accept when entering into this relationship-

1.  You share the property and the assets therein
2.  It takes a court action to break up your partnership
3.  You are obligated to provide for your partner
4.  If there is a child or children, you must assume some of the parental responsibilities

Knowing what to do in light of a domestic partnership breakup is tantamount to your future happiness and peace of mind.  That is why you should contact Nat Kidder and Bill Bennett family attorneys serving St. Petersburg and all of Pinellas County.  Please call for a consultation about your specific situation at (727) 821-8000.

Spring Events and Festivals, St Peterburg & Clearwater

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"Spring's arrival in St. Pete/Clearwater brings milder temperatures along with a diverse lineup of events, from high-speed to low-key."

Friday, February 16, 2018

The War on Drugs Heats Up.

President Trump has made it a priority…get opioids out of the hands of people using them for profit NOT pain.  It truly has become a national epidemic.  It may affect someone you love or even you.  Being arrested for trafficking opioids is no minor detail.  You will be prosecuted vigorously!

Here is one major problem; the sentences are way to harsh compared to the crime that was allegedly committed.  The government can and will seize your car, your boat, your home, etc.  Even if the drug has been prescribed it is not necessarily safe for everyone.  Even the most innocent among us are familiar with Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Adderall, and many others.

Get serious if you or a loved one is detained for the distribution of opioids.  Immediately call the law office of Kidder and Bennett.  They will bring a combined half century of experience to your case.  They are Pinellas County’s drug defense law team.  Come in for a consultation at their St. Petersburg office by calling (727) 821-8000. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

St. Petersburg Private Sunset Cruise

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"Embark on a memorable sail along the coastline of downtown St. Petersburg. This relaxed experience allows you to watch the sky change from vibrant blue to radiant red and amber, while the sea breeze fills the sails. Enjoy the best views of the spectacular Florida sunset and wild dolphins leaping alongside. Each yacht accommodates up to six passengers."


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Determining Fatherhood.

This has become a favorite topic of many reality TV shows.  In truth, this issue is a life-changer for all whom are involved.  Fatherhood comes with huge responsibilities as well as opportunities.  On the positive side it gives dad the right to visit his kids.  Negatively speaking, there is a long process of financial obligation that you may not be ready, willing, or able to undertake.

A man would be legally presumed to be the father if –

1.  The child was conceived while he was married to the mother.
2.  He married mom and gave the child “legitimacy”
3.  He legally adopted the child.
4.  An order for genetic testing was issued.

What are your current feelings about fatherhood?  Why not let St. Petersburg, FL family lawyers Nat Kidder and Bill Bennett sort it out for you?  For more than half a century combined these two Pinellas County family attorneys have been answering any and all questions about paternity.  Give the office a call at (727) 821-8000.